This project was a full circle moment for the Inspired Spaces Team and our client. V, a single mother of an active toddler son, and his older sister, was our very first client. We worked with our partner non-profit, The Living Room, to furnish their new ADU unit, back in October 2021, in which V was their first resident. We waited for more than a year for the privilege of furnishing her permanent home.

V’s first priority was making sure there were either bunk beds or a trundle bed so her daughter had a place to sleep when she was with them. Her second priority was asking for either a sleeper sofa or futon so her extended family could sleep over. She then asked for family photos for her wall. We were able to give her all of these–a trundle bed, a pull out sofa, and canvas prints of her son and daughter. Her design aesthetic was traditional with Victorian elements, but with a twist. She loved black and wanted that incorporated. We went to work giving her an elegant but fun design, incorporating her desires. We were also able to use her son’s toys to decorate his room, to give a space any little boy would love to live in.

V was very happy with the result and reached out several times to express her gratitude for the home we furnished for her. She commented that now that she has a safe and stable home, she can turn her attention to seeking employment and beginning the next chapter in her life.

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Whether it was escaping abuse, struggling with substance abuse issues and mental health challenges, or lack of income to pay rent, each person has demonstrated strength, resilience, perseverance and courage to ask for help.