Volunteering your time: It seems, in today’s world, our lives are busier than ever.

We at the Inspired Spaces Foundation thank you, and are so grateful you’ve chosen to dedicate your time to helping our clients achieve their fresh starts. ISF is not sustainable without dedicated volunteers.

Just as our clients come from all backgrounds and experiences, so do you. Each of you brings different skills, strengths and perspectives to the team that can only enhance our creativity level and success.

Whether it is picking up and/or receiving donations, managing inventory and keeping our donations organized, or overseeing the details and structure of the projects; to painting, repairing, or otherwise upcycling our furnishings, or being the lead designer on a client project, every job is important and integral to our mission. While not every volunteer position here will involve direct contact with our clients, we still ask that you leave any preconceived ideas or judgments about what it means to be homeless at the door. We ask that you view each of our clients with openness and respect as we believe that the positive and caring energy we manifest during the development of each project transfers into our clients’ homes.

Lend a Hand

Other Ways to Help:

Monetary Donations
We are always accepting monetary donations. 100% of donated funds go to purchasing new linens and bedding, or other personal items needed to complete the cohesive and beautiful design for our deserving clients.

Donate Furnishings
Our ISF clients will generally be moving into a studio or 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. We are looking for gently used furniture to furnish these sized spaces. We can not accommodate items such as hutches, entertainment centers, and King beds because they will not fit into the spaces we are furnishing. If you have an item that you wish to donate please contact us at hello@inspiredspacesdesign.com with photos of donated item(s) and the dimensions of item if applicable. All photos will be reviewed and we will be in touch to schedule a time to drop off.

Available Volunteer Positions

  • Administration
      • Working directly with the Program Director on organizing and managing ISF systems
      • Receptionist responsibilities including answering phones, greeting visitors, purchasing office supplies
      • Assisting Program Director with scheduling and preparing for meetings, paperwork and projects involving compliance, and the day to day operations of the foundation
  • Donations
      • Working directly with the Donations Coordinator on coordinating donations pick up or drop off
      • Receiving donations
      • Assisting with organizing and managing the Foundation Donations Inventory
      • Inspecting donations for needed repair, painting or other upcycling
  • Warehouse
      • Maintaining cleanliness and organization of the warehouse and the inventory
      • Painting, repairing or other upcycling needs of the furniture
      • Assisting with receiving donations and assigning location
      • Assisting with ready-ing furniture for transportation during install preparation
  • Project Planning Assistant
      • Organizing and managing the details of a project
      • Communicating with all project install volunteers
      • Overseeing the furniture/furnishings during project preparation
      • Creating install schedule
      • Creating a project furniture/furnishings inventory list
      • Scheduling movers when required
  • Project Install Assistant
      • Assisting lead designer in the staging and installation of the furniture and furnishings at the client’s home
      • Assisting with ready-ing the furniture/furnishings for transport during project preparation
      • Gathering and transporting all necessary tools and materials for project installation
  • Lead Designer
    • Creating the design for a client’s home
    • Shopping the foundation inventory for the furniture/furnishings to be used
    • Managing the budget for the project 
    • Purchasing the personal items to complete the design (bedding, linens, etc)
    • Participating in the install; supervising and directing the project install assistants


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A Few Words from Others

“What a phenomenal foundation that Inspired Spaces has created. Proud of you and what a talented group of women.”
Kevin & Erika Cohen

“We are so inspired by what you do!”

The Kuhl Family